Become a Certified “Yours, Mine, Ours” Relationship & Divorce Therapist

No other therapist I know of has dedicated themselves to the research, development, and practice of divorce and post-divorce counseling like I have.

As someone who’s lived through the trauma of divorce and helped countless others come to terms with who THEY are as individuals outside of a couple, and set them up for healthy, successful relationships in the future, I’m so excited to put this training together to help more therapists help pre-divorce and post-divorce couples and individuals.

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The curriculum is designed to cover:

  • Helping clients understand the WHY behind their divorce—the interpersonal relationship issues that led to the breakup.
  • Getting clients to the heart of their individual relationship issues by understanding the damage done in their caregiver-infant relationship.

  • Helping clients find ways to heal those wounds as a single person, so they don’t need a partner to fill those needs for them.
  • Getting them on stable ground as a newly single, uncoupled person.
  • Teaching them my custom “Yours, Mine, Ours” relationship model & showing them ways to practice it in non-romantic relationships.

  • If they desire to start dating again, helping them navigate their new relationships with this model.
  • Teaching them how to behave and communicate in a healthy, “divorce-proof” way in their new relationships so they aren’t faced with the same heartbreak over and over again.

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