Bring Divorce-Proof Counseling to Your Group


Nothing can 100% guarantee a divorce or a breakup will never happen.


The thing is, relationships are meant to last, and no one enters into a committed relationship with the intention of it failing, and almost always everyone is devastated when it happens to them.

But divorces and breakups are preventable. 

And while 1:1 and couples counseling can be most effective at helping couples work through the behaviors that lead to relationship failures, teaching “divorce-proof “ principles establishes stronger, happier relationships.

Because when couples know themselves honestly as individuals and where and how to manage their conflicts, things resolve so much easier.

Partners work through their differences in healthy, productive ways, instead of ways that tear them apart.


In my group sessions, I teach my two most important principles to any marriage:

  • How each partner’s dependency problems undermine the relationship.
  • My “Yours, Mine, Ours” relationship communication model.

Together, these two pieces of knowledge, especially when both partners are educated about them, can drastically lessen the odds of the marriage collapsing.


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