If marriages are meant to last, then WHY did mine have to end?


It’s the question that haunts everyone who’s just been through a divorce. 

I’ve never met a couple who intended to break up when they decided to get married. They all thought and were 100% SURE that this person was the one, and that they were going to take on life together, beat the odds of divorce, and have a love story worth telling.

But then…. something happened.

Something changed.

It wasn’t overnight, either.

It was so gradual that it was almost impossible to notice. (In fact, for two people so in love with each other it WAS impossible to notice.)

And when it becomes to inevitable to fix and divorce is finally decided upon, the same question everyone always asks is…

But why me?
Didn’t I know better than this?
HOW did this happen to US?

And it’s a hard question to answer.

And while there IS an answer and you CAN get to the bottom of it & solve it for all your future relationships, it can be tough to face. 

Because when you’re a part of a “we” for so long, it becomes part of your identity… whether you intended it to or not.

THIS is why I’ve put together my free 5-part email course.

In it, you learn why your marriage came apart, the part you played in it, and most importantly, HOW to empower yourself to move forward to make sure these things aren’t an issue in any of your future romantic relationships. (To virtually divorce-proof yourself, if you will.)

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