“I” – A relationship is only as good as the individuals in it. I will help you to develop your “Self.”

To the extent that one feels separate and whole, he or she also feels complete. If an individual does not experience a clearly defined identity they will develop a problematic dependency on another person in order to feel complete. My individual counseling is aimed toward helping you to understand your personal history and its contribution to where you are stuck, and then to assist you in developing your individuality. A healthy partnership cannot exist without having a clear sense of Self.


  • Better communication of your needs
  • A stronger sense of Self
  • Self-acceptance
  • Personal responsibility for a meaningful life

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It is my sincere hope that all information on my website provides you with content that inspires you to enhance your relationships. These materials are not intended to be a substitute for my counseling services. If you are ready to make that leap, please click here to set up a complimentary consultation.


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