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It takes three, not two, to make a healthy relationship: two independent, autonomous individuals and the life they share between them.

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Healthy Intimacy: Staying Separate and Connected

What makes a healthy intimacy? A relationship can only be as good as the individuals in it. If both people have a unique identity with clear-cut boundaries separate from the relationship, they are in a position to create the third entity, a dynamic partnership. The goal of my couples counseling is to help them to remain separate but connected.


It takes three to create an excellent relationship: IYouWe.  All three entities must be simultaneously nurtured.


  • I” – A relationship is only as good as the individuals in it.  I will help you to develop your “Self.”
  • You” – Your partner is a separate individual from you.  I will help you to honor the differences.
  • We” – Partners in happy relationships experience security and trust with one another so they can bring their “I” honestly into the partnership.



Better communication of your needs.

A stronger sense of SELF


Personal responsibility for a meaningful life


Respect for your partner's uniqueness

Investment in your partner's growth

Unconditional value of your partner


A compatible We

Knowledge of what is yours and respect for what is not

How to negotiate conflicts

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