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What Do You Do If You And Your Partner Disagree On How Risky COVID 19 Is?


Strategies To Protect Your Relationship

Partners, even those in long-term relationships, can have very different coping styles when it comes to dealing with the painful uncertainties of Covid 19.  

One may be more purposeful and proactive in moments of crisis, while the other is more passive and fatalistic.

However, if you and...

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Redefining The Work-Relationship Balance During COVID 19 Lockdown: Strategies To Protect Your Relationship

Once upon a time, the work-family configuration was comprised of separate spheres – work took place out of the home.  At the end of the workday, the stresses of work were essentially over, and home was a private retreat reserved for family.

Now, with the Covid 19 isolation, and modern technology allowing couples to telecommute, the...

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