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But too often they don’t.


Are you worried you will repeat the same relationship mistakes and end up with a broken heart one more time? If so you’re not alone.


Contemporary neuroscience shows us that people make the same relationship mistakes over and over, only to get the same disappointing results, until they make a decision to change.


But, if you’re like most people you fear change and will avoid it or perhaps you have been at the edge  of taking action to free yourself from emotional pain and relationship mistakes, only to back away.

 Since my own divorce, I’ve committed my life to teaching my clients how to: 

  • Let go of failed relationships.
  • Stop making the same frustrating mistakes and replace them with behaviors that bring results.
  • Learn the ingredients of successful long-lasting relationships with my relationship model, Yours, Mine, Ours: Relationships Done Right.

If you're wondering WHY your marriage/relationship ended... or how you even ended up considering divorce/breakup from a person you used to love so much, I’ve put together a 6-part email series for you, that you can have in your inbox today, and get the pieces to start to understand WHAT happened to your marriage within 15 minutes.

Online / Telephone Counseling Services Are Beneficial For:

In multiple studies, online / telephone therapy has been demonstrated to be as effective as face-to-face therapy, sometimes even more.

Typically, my clients are busy professionals with enormous time constraints:

  • CEO's working for multinational corporations or other international organizations
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners and their spouses
  • Business people who travel
  • International teachers, Foreign Service Officers and other government employees living abroad
  • Expats seeking the same level of professional service they are accustomed to in the U.S.
  • Celebrities and politicians who prefer privacy and discretion

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"Thank you for guiding me through thoughts and patterns and time the felt unclear, confusing and incredibly painful….I don’t know what I would have done without you…..You’re amazing and an inspiration. Largely, thanks to your guidance, I’m ready now to work through on my own the problems that might arise. I am so very grateful for you in my life."

Mary Anne

"I have always had a good relationship with my two adult daughters. However, as they got older new issues needed to be addressed. Dr. Hecker impressed us with how quickly she identified the important dynamics between the three of us and how skillfully she brought us to the next level of closeness. I highly recommend Dr. Deb’s expertise, in particular for relationships with adult children and for family members who are in business together. "


"The divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me. It allowed me to be who I am, not the shadow of the person I was. Thank you for supporting my metamorphosis to the woman I am."


"Dr. Hecker taught me how to navigate being a strong individual and part of a strong couple."

Laura D.

"Dr. Hecker places enormous value on the importance of communication. She taught me to identify my feelings and how to communicate them honestly with my partner."

San Diego, CA

"Debbie is a voice of reason when nothing seems to make sense. She is very objective, but also knows when to prompt you to assert yourself. Debbie provides a consistent source of guidance in ways that friends and family simply cannot. She has helped me release a tremendous sense of failure and enabled me to see the opportunities for growth."

Dan P.

"My husband and I are co-owners of our business. Dr. Hecker helped me to learn when to share control with my husband and when to take a back seat."


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It is my sincere hope that all information on my website provides you with content that inspires you to enhance your relationships. These materials are not intended to be a substitute for my counseling services. If you are ready to make that leap, please click here to set up a complimentary consultation.


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